You are frustrated with "Posting & Praying"

Do any of these apply to you?

Posting and Praying is not a strategy. It's nearly impossible to move people through your funnel when you don't have a strategic approach with your content.

You are spending a lot of time on social media

Ugh. You didn't get into business to create a ton of social media content and be online all day.  When you have a solid repurposing plan, you'll spend less time on social media with better results.

You have a marketing VA, but getting lackluster results

Yay for marketing VA's!  They are an important part of your business.  But if you aren't getting the results you want, they may need just a little bit more training and support.

You can't keep up with all the touchpoints needed in your sales process

Did you know it takes 7-21x of someone seeing your message before they move to the next step in your funnel?  With Content Repurposing, you'll move through those touch points much faster . Imagine getting on a sales call and spending less time explaining how you work with clients because they've learned it all beforehand?  Sounds amazing, right?

You know if people could just "get to know you" then your sales would skyrocket

The #1 goal of content and social media is to create more know, like, and trust with your perfect customer.  When you are creating content and strategically repurpose it the right way, then you'll do exactly that! 

- Amber Griffiths, Your Brand By Design

i continue to be amazed at everything i learn!
Kristy's ability to understand the trends of content repurposing and then translate that into strategies that drive your business forward, is nothing short of incredible!"

Get YOUR blueprint


- Amy Hartmann, Free Spirit Digital

Kristy’s Content Blueprint is fantastic. It saves so much time on researching trends or figuring out what to do or where to show up for your audience. 

 I love that I can pass this off to my VA to implement. The resources portal helps me understand the results of the content plan and how it is working to increase visibility and grow my audience.

 I highly recommend Kristy’s Content Blueprint to any business owner that wants to make an impact with their content but doesn’t have the time or energy to develop the ongoing strategy that is so essential to business growth.


Our private Slack channel is set up to support you in between the monthly group Q&A calls.  Our team will be there to assist you as you implement.

Get access to our portal that is full of the checklists, templates, and training that you need to be successful with Strategic Content Repurposing and Social Media. You'll learn how to review your metrics so you are getting the most out of your content each month.

Visibilty Marketing resource portal

This formula is all the things you need to do daily, weekly, and monthly to keep consistent with your content. It will create maximum success and impact with your content. 

Content success formula

You'll receive a report that includes content ideas, upcoming holidays, and what's trending in your industry.  We'll do all the research, so you can focus on creating the content to fill the top of your funnel with leads ready to buy. 

Quarterly trending report

You've got questions?? I've got you covered!
Every month you'll get access to a group Q&A call to get all your burning questions answered.  

Monthly Q&A Call

Every quarter, you'll get a customized strategic plan based on what content your perfect customer will respond to best! It includes suggested social media posting schedule and content distribution strategy. You'll never wonder what to post! 

Quarterly Content Strategy

What's included:

 Slack Channel

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Schedule a call to chat more!

Do you already have a VA to help with your marketing?  Invite them to the monthly calls and Slack channel. As they implement the strategy, they'll also have the support to get any questions answered.  

invite your va to join!

YES! I need this!

Schedule a call to chat more!

YES! I need this!

Schedule a call to chat more!



After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the last 7+ years, I know how overwhelming it can be to increase your visibility, create more content, and show up consistently on social media. I also know how integral those things are to creating a thriving business.  

I help entrepreneurs all over the world organically expand their audiences, increase their reach, and grow their impact - all by creating 1 piece of original content a week.

I live in Salt Lake City with my hot husband and 3 kiddos. When I'm not at home, I'm probably in the mountains (#MyHappyPlace) with a true-crime novel and peanut butter M&M's.

You are tired of doing all the work and following all the gurus with little return on your investment

You know you need more visibility to get your message out to the masses, but aren't sure where to start

You need to be consistent with creating content, but the process is overwhelming

You are ready to do more with your marketing & connect with more of the right people

This is for you if ...

You aren't quite ready to outsource, but you want to do more with your marketing

You have a team in place, but need some more guidance with your content

You are an entrepreneur overwhelmed by increasing your visibility & looking to simplify the system

- Laura Rike, Simply Pintastic

Kristy helped me see things in a whole new way, that as an entrepreneur I was missing. She literally helped me go from overwhelm to excitement. #gamechanger
don't walk ... run! you will not regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Content is any time you are talking about your business. It's your social media, videos, blog posts, email marketing, and even how you speak at a networking event.  You are talking about your business most days, whether you realize it or not. 

When you are creating content that isn't strategic, you are potentially missing the opportunity to connect with your perfect customer in a meaningful way.  Content is what allows you to build know, like, and trust to guide your buyer through your funnel. 

Knowing that your content has the power to do all of that, wouldn't you want it to be strategic?

Why do i need a content strategy?


I believe the business owners and entrepreneurs spend too much time creating content.  There is a MUCH easier way. 

Strategically repurposing your content is the best way to increase your visibility, while decreasing the time you spend creating content. It keeps your content cohesive across multiple platforms, which is when your content can truly convert. 

When you are strategically harnessing the power of strategic content repurposing, your message will be magnified to attract your perfect customer with ease. 

Why do i need to repurpose my content?


This is actually a perfect fit for small businesses with a VA or marketing team.  Our team will build the customized strategy, while your team implements.  They will have access to all of the resources and Slack channel for their questions too!

Building a strategy that creates consistency and converts is a big job - much bigger than post people realize or have the time to commit.  We have built hundreds of strategies, know how to identify the trends in the market, and how to get results with repurposing.

We will present the strategy to you in a simple and effective way for your team to start implementing right away.

I already have a va / marketing team.  Why do I need this?


You may not realize it, but if you are posting on social media, hosting webinars or trainings, or doing any email marketing ... you are already creating content that can be repurposed. 

We'll take a look at what you are already creating and build a strategy around that for you to start repurposing.  We'll also give you new ideas of content you could easily start creating to increase the know, like, and trust with your perfect customer. 

You'll never run out of ideas what to talk about either!  The strategy will be full of topics so you can create new content easily. 

I'm not creating content. Is this still a good fit?


Yes, this program will work IF you implement the strategies that we suggest and commit to creating new content consistently. The Content Simplified Blueprint is created specifically for your business based on the approach and results that we achieve in our marketing agency.  We stay on top of the latest trends and will share those with you. 

Every business is different, so implementing consistently, being open to testing what works for your audience, and implementing our advice are all important for your marketing success. 

Will this work for me?


Once you have made your purchase, we send you an Onboarding Questionnaire. It will ask questions all about your brand, mission, vision, values, and offers.

We use that to research your industry, trends, and use our own marketing knowledge to build you a bullet-proof strategy to fill the top of your funnel. 

How do you build the strategy for my brand?


- Jennifer Anderson, Moving Forward Solutions

"Get Kristy's team in place ASAP!  You'll wish you had done it sooner!"

- Heather Dumas, HD Transformations

"Kristy's team has been an invaluable addition to my team. They have increased my visibility exponentially, which has resulted in new business."

- Laura Sura, Pinterest Powerhouse

"Hiring Simply Online has been one of the best decisions I have made for my content, brand, and business this year!"

- Molly Jones, Jones Design Studio

"Simply Online has taken my online presence from essentially non-existent to engaging and extraordinarily relevant. They are my secret weapon and I recommend them to everyone I meet."

- Molly Jones, Jones Design Studio

"Simply Online has taken my online presence from essentially non-existent to engaging and extraordinarily relevant. They are my secret weapon and I recommend them to everyone I meet."

CLient Love 🤍

Client love 🤍