Social Media Strategist vs. Social Media Manager

Did you know there is a difference between a Social Media Strategist and Social Media Manager (or Social Media VA)?  Most people don’t but I’m here to tell you that there is! They have different roles, but most companies need both. Sometimes you can find one person/team that handles both roles, but often times you will find that you have 2 people to help individually, but compliment each other.

So let’s dig into the differences in the 2 roles and why you need both of them.

First, a Social Media Strategist.  This person is responsible for the overall strategy of your social media (and often your online marketing as a whole).  They look at your social media from a big picture perspective. Here are some of the things they could help with:


  • Identify who you are talking to on social media
  • What types of things you should post
  • How frequently to post and on what channels
  • Define your sales funnel
  • Create marketing emails/campaigns for your products or services
  • Ads strategy
  • Keyword research


They basically figure out what you need to do online to achieve your goals!  Most Social Media Strategists don’t do anything with implementation or execution of the plan they created for you.

Then, a Social Media Manager or Social Media Virtual Assistant (like Admin Ease) is responsible for the actual implementation and execution of that great plan your strategist created.  They essentially are doing the day to day work. Most of these people keep up on the latest trends and changes within the social media world, but they don’t have the expertise or experience to write a full blown marketing strategy.  

Here are a few things that a Social Media Manager/VA could help you with:


  • Posting content daily
  • Curating or writing the content to share on your page
  • Creating graphics
  • Finding content to share on your page
  • Repurposing content your previously wrote
  • Keeping up on engagement (aka responding to all those comments and likes that you get each day!)


So how do you know which one you need?  It depends on what your goals are, what stage of business you are in, and what your business needs right now.

If you know how you want your social media to look and feel, but you don’t want to do it – then you need a Social Media VA.  They will take your vision and branding and implement it.

If you have been working with a VA for a while, but aren’t seeing any sort of growth or ROI on your pages, then it may be time to look into a strategist.  The strategist will help define your goals and the big picture – then you can go back to your VA to implement.

Need help deciding?  Schedule a call to chat more about your options and needs right now.  

At Admin Ease, we want it to be a good fit.  If you aren’t ready for us because you don’t have some of those goals in place, then we will most likely refer you to our favorite strategist The Stacey Harris.    

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